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Custom Glass Custom Modules Overview
Custom LCD Overview

When a standard LCD display will not satisfy the particular requirements of your application, and there is a clear need for a custom LCD or semi custom LCD engineered solution, DipCom Electronics is your ideal partner. Whether you are at the concept stage of your product development or already in production, simply send us your custom LCD display requirements, and we will deliver a custom lcd display solution.

Thanks to our expertise in a wide range of Custom LCD technologies (including LCD, TFT, Colour STN) and our total capability in terms of our technology offering, we can generate a proposal from your idea, even if no firm specification exists. We can cost down existing designs using alternative technologies, and we can help select the best materials and technologies to suit your requirements. From start to finish, we commit to the highest level of customer support, ensuring that your every need is catered to in the most appropriate and professional manner.

We service a very broad range of market sectors who require Custom LCDs, including automotive, telecoms, medical, metering and more. All Custom LCD designs are managed and checked by our dedicated engineering team, and our QA staff conduct in-factory inspections as well as post manufacturing checks.

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