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All Chip PC’s thin clients can be remotely managed via their Policy-based, value-added Xcalibur Global management suite.

Xcalibur Global is designed for full control & simultaneous support, scalable up to thousands of clients & users.

It offers an MMC -Based Interface and provides fault tolerance, speed, scalability and ease of management. IT managers can quickly and easily expand end user connectivity with the workstations fully and remotely configured.


Xcalibur Global offers management by Logical as well as Physical organisational models.

  • On the Logical Level Xcalibur Global is capable of mapping the logical organisational structure, represented by the Active Directory
  • On the Physical Level Xcalibur Global is capable of mapping the physical company infrastructure layout

Security is another big advantage of the PC Xcalibur Global. The Xcalibur Secure Authenticator leverages Windows security and so you can control thin client device usage for asset management and security by authenticating thin client device users in front of the Active Directory. Plugins are software components that can be installed into a Chip PC Thin Client and give it extra functions and versatility.

By following a simple and safe process, you will be able to:

  • Upgrade your thin client device with the latest technology offered - Latest versions of CE.NET, ICA & RDP
  • Create a thin client solution customised to fit your needs with a nearly-endless sets of Plug-ins
  • Manage Plug-ins distribution and deployment remotely & easily by using our Xcalibur Management Suite

In order to address specific customer needs, Chip PC offers the integration of customised in-house and third party software Plug-ins to Chip PC thin clients. The Plug-ins are either preinstalled on device or added on the run according to customer changing needs.


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